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M_pire is more than just a one on one session between coach and client. It is a partnership; a friendship. M_pire is a community of men and women who come from many different backgrounds, but share one big, exciting, life changing goal; to be a stronger, better version of themselves than they were yesterday.  

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Your training, whether it be physical, mental or spiritual, will be customized to your own needs and wants. Also, and most importantly, We will find your WHY! The foundation and driving force of your new path that you have decided to take in your life.

A stronger you… One day at a time

My Promise to you…

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Customized Sessions

Personal Training

A better way to workout

From: $34 / hour

Group Workout Sessions

Workout with your friends and family!

From: $xx / hour

Girls with Goals

Our boot camp type class of encouraging and incredibly strong women.

From: $xx / hour